Afgoo Overdrive

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Afgoo Overdrive

Afgan x Romulan x Cindy '99

Type: Indica

Breeder: na

flowering period: na

Originally Sourced from the famed Gooey Breeder in Norcal he has had this cut in his stash for over 30 years, NCG is a holy grail of pot. This is the best pot on earth period. The plants grow effortlessly and produce insane amounts of killer buds that just drip resin. The most resin on any plant I've ever grown! Overwhelmingly strong pot made from the old school genes that just are not around anymore. It seemed natural to work it with two old school strains Romulan x Cindy 99.

flavors & aromas:

Grape, musty, skunky


Relaxed, happy, sleepy,

May Relieve or Improve

Pain, stress, derpession, nausea