Blue Diamond 2

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Blue Diamond 2

Lineage not publicly known

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Breeder: BioQueen Genetics

flowering period: N/A

Blue Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid, although the strain is high in THC its counterpart CBD also has a high count which makes this strain great for physical pain and spasms. Blue diamond can be recgonized with its beautiful blue and purple buds, when grown in the right weather it will burst with a berry aroma while tasting sweet and tart. This strain is an easy smooth smoke that gradually uplifts the user. Blue Diamond is the perfect strain to use while doing stimulating activities, leaving your mind at ease but also giving you the right amount of focus!

flavors & aromas:

Berry, Sweet and Tart


Dreamy, Uplifting, Euphoria, Realxed

May Relieve or Improve

Physical Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia