Hell’s Fire

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Hell’s Fire

Crockett’s Confidential x Hell’s OG

Type: Indica

Breeder: na

flowering period: na

Hell’s Fire is an indica-dominant hybrid bred at Crockett Family Farms. This strain brings in traits from two potent parents. It gives a strong body relaxation and cerebral effects as well. It can treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation and chronic stress. The taste is sweet, lemon and diesel. Its aroma is pungent, citrus, pine and strong diesel. The nugs are forest green, lumpy and carry yellow hairs with small white crystals. Hell’s Fire strain is recommended for nighttime use.

flavors & aromas:

citrus, pine and strong diesel


Cerebral, relaxed, euphoric, creative

May Relieve or Improve

Stress, pain, inflammation, stress