Summer Breeze

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Summer Breeze

Sour Queen x Cinderella '99

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Breeder: na

flowering period: na

Summer Breeze is a cross of original genetics created in part by Swamp Boys Seeds collaborator, Cornbread Ricky. This strain is a synthesis of Cornbread Ricky’s McFly strain (Sour Queen x Cinderella 99) and SBS’s Orange Blossom Trail. Summer Breeze emits an uplifting tropical aroma that calls out to sunny days and long afternoons. The buzz is happy and inspiring, elevating the mood and disintegrating stress with each rich exhale.

flavors & aromas:

Flowery, diesel, citrus


Euphoric, uplifted, creative, relaxed, giggly

May Relieve or Improve

Depression, stress, pain, fatigue